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BY:Phodiso Gaebepe

A known motivational speaker in his session used to speak against a progress which he termed a Chinese progress, he said this is a progress where one takes one step forward and two steps back.This is the kind of progress that is seen in the Botswana Football.Interestingly, Botswana Football Association(BFA) President Mclean Letswiti has preached intensively on the transformation of the local football.

At the recent BFA Workshop Seminar held at Lekidi, the President of the Association Mclean Letswiti spoke at length about the transformation of the league particularly the commercializing of the game and club licencing.

He said the clubs must move away from being run by the society and get an investor. According to Letshwiti this has really stalled our football. In his view, the system allows the supporters to have more power over the people appointed to run the teams.

Mclean Letshwiti went on to vow that this transformation is taking place, whether the teams are ready or not, he said he does not mind remaining with six teams in the league who embraced and adopted commercialization. The teams must comply with the regulations of the league and issues of club licencing.

‘Even if we are left with 6 club licencing complying teams,its okay and good for our football, said Letshwiti.’

The Assistant chairman of Orapa United Kennekae Nkape acknowledged that the transformation is necessary and possible; it is something local football needs to move forward.

“It is possible,it is something that is highly welcomed to take our football to the next level,said Nkape.”

When commenting on the issue, Gaborone United Chairman Boitumelo Nsunge said we are still far from abiding by the new transformation red tape.

‘’We are still far, we have to be fair on ourselves, we are still far we are not yet ready for transformation because you cannot transform from nowhere, it has to start with the mother body , BFA has to transform first, that is my believe,said Nsunge.”

Club licencing was introduced by FIFA in 2006 in which national association must improve club football by targeting key areas such as best practice club government and youth footfall.

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