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A hierarchy is a means of control and should be followed at all times, in essence to football, the referee has all the powers invested in him by FIFA to control the game thus his decision is final.

This means of all the four match officials in charge of the game he is the one who takes the final decision.

Other officials are his eyes to remember, They can call him to tell him things he is not seeing but it is his decision that counts.

Did Gobagobà do wrong by calling the referee at the Mascom Top 8 final to talk to him about the incident? A big NO. What matters most is the narrative from Gobagoba. What did he tell the young man.

It’s not for the fourth official to tell the referee to change a decision only the referee uses his interpretation or thinking after a narrative. Gobagoba as a senior referee knows where to draw a line, he knows very well that the match referee is the one who writes the match report hence the reason why he is the final decision maker.

Our referee’s should be empowered dearly to be internationally recognized like Joshua Bondo whom they should learn from him in terms of how he conducts a game and his aggression on players which helps to get the control of the game.

BY:Ronald Motsewakhumo[FOOTBALL ANALYST]

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