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The onform Botswana ladies football national team remarkable 3-2 victory over life long perennial dictators in South Africa Banyana Banyana has sent a strong message to Botswana football headquarters in Lekidi.

Botswana Football Association(BFA) is now on the brink of being exposed as minimum supporters for the ladies following a progressive effort in Toyko 2020 Olympic qualifications.  

The Mares as fondly known to its wellwishers is definitely a good investment and a less risky one.  

The team has been neglected for far too long by our football leaders.However should the association shift its attention to the ladies,we will reap more rewards compared to men’s team which has proven to be a perennial loser of note.

First things first,do these leaders at BFA know that to qualify for a women world stage is much less complex compared to men.Should BFA consider looking at what other countries are not doing and capitalize on.Other countries especially in Africa focus mainly in men.Botswana should do away that mentality and invest in the shortest and highly rated Return On Investment(R.O.I).

Secondly,the ladies have lower expenses than men in terms of investment and competitions.Should BFA take care of these ladies like diamonds they are,organizations will not shy away from partnering with them considering the expenditure part.For instance,Simphiwe Tshabalala is SA’s Nivea brand ambassador costing the company millions of rands whereas Portia Modise costs less for the same dutu elsewhere.This is to say ladies bring on-board stakeholders not one but multiple sponsors.It is a known fact that in Europe,men are attracted by women at the stadias.

Moreover,female athletes tendto have a huge fan base more than menif rightly nortured.According to a FIFA 2017 report,women are the largest source pf the new fans,especially in football.The report also suggests tgat there is no demographic group that createsmore fans than women.

The scribe above does not necessarily suggest that we should stop men’s football,all that is echoed is that BFA should also consider giving the ladies a piece of a pie.

In conclusion,football is more popular than ever among Botswana girls and women.

It is up to BFA leadership to make the right decisions to brush up these girls,build arenas,development programs and a proper league.This small investment is enough for ladies to excel.

BY:Kabelo Seleka

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