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Phodiso Gaebepe
Operations Strategist/Head of Photography

Phodiso Gaebepe is an experienced hard worker in several industries for over 10 years. He is responsible for business operations while also heading the photography department.

He has a BA (HONS) IN BROADCASTING AND JOURNALISM at Limkokwing University of Creative Technology,Botswana.


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Kabelo Seleka
Managing Editor

Kabelo Seleka is not your average journalist! he has just over 4 years of experience working as the Managing Editor at Sportsnation. The company where he is responsible for strategizing work ethic within the newsroom and structure of the media business as well as building the brand.

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Calystus Rapalai
Journalist/Sports Analyst

Calystus Rapalai is a young and upcoming student journalist persuading his BA(HONS) in Broadcasting and Journalism at the Limkokwing University of Creative Technology.

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Bakang Raphaala

Bakang Raphala is a phenomenal female student journalist persuading her BA(HONS) in Broadcasting and Journalism at the Limkokwing University of Creative Technology.

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Katlego Mechidi
Journalist/Sports Anchor

Katlego Mechidi is a passionate student journalist persuading his BA(HONS) in Broadcasting and Journalism at the Limkokwing University of Creative Technology.

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Sportsnation is a sports and media organization established in January 2018,founded in a journalism classroom by sports fanatics and eventually university friends.

The brand Sportsnation is owned by Sportsnetwork(PTY)LTD registered at Companies Intellectual Property Agency(CIPA) and Botswana Communications Regulatory Authority(BOCRA),recognized by Botswana National Sports Commission(BNSC) and national associations.

We are a nation in the fibres of the internet,connected by love and passion for multimedia,sports and talent.

OUR TAGLINE: Where talent meet passion

MISSION: We are committed to being a globally recognized premier sports and media organization promoting and celebrating talent.

VISION:​We envision to unearth and give a platform to all individuals both athletes and media practitioners to showcase their talents.


By 2028 we will be;

-a partner in sports development and growth

-a leader in sports media

-a partner in media talent identification and nurturing

-and an upholder/protector of sports reputation




-Customer Focused







The inspiration of Sportsnation logo and symbol came from the Holy Scriptures and the way of lives of our Great Grandparents/ ancestors which happens to be in sync with the scriptures.

Genesis 29:15-22 speaks of Isaac who was in a foreign land and was able to prosper more than the locals. This gave him a challenge as they envied him and jealous at the same time.

He ended up being sent away, in his journey he dug a few wells which he went on to meet challenges until the last one where he found peace after digging it.

This is almost the same story with us as a company; our first logo was rejected, second rejected until we came up with this one. This now likens with the wells which Isaac dug and faced rejection.

Moreover,the other inspiration came from the vision and mission of the organization. What it represents and what it stands for.

In the Book of John 4:6-12, we meet Jesus and the Samaritan woman sitting at the very same well that was dug by Isaac still drinking from it after centuries and generations.


The ball represents sports, as Sportsnation we are a sports media organisation.

The well at the top right of the ball speaks about collecting of sports news and taking out talent from underground and exposing it for all to see and enjoy.

As the bucket goes down to take water from underground, this is us searching and delivering sports news to the audience, even the most hidden/unseen.

Also in the olden days, we have learnt through Oral traditions that our Great Grandparents used to meet up at the well during their youth. Most families were born from the well, a boy will be herding his father’s cows and a girl sent to fetch water at the well. They will accidentally meet and fall in love, a routine will be formed from this to meet at a certain time of the day during the household chores at the same place, at the well. This will be for the purpose of meeting and sharing the love for each other. It becomes a place of passion and love, until they become a family.

This is also seen in the Book of Genesis 29:10-12 and Genesis 29:15-30 where Jacob met with the love of his life Rachael.

We believe Sportsnation is here to stay, just like the well of Isaac which was dug in the Centuries before Christ and still there after Christ. Serving the people with clean and fresh water, we also serve our people with sports  too.


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