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BY:Kabelo Seleka

For years old women used stainless steel tea strainers to get the best of the tea experience,well Botswana Tertiary Education Student Sports Association(BOTESSA) will this weekend host the highly anticipated Confederation of Universities and Colleges of Sports Association(CUCSA) selections games in three venues in various sporting codes.

The trials will be hosted at BUAN,BNYC Hall and OCAAT on the 22nd and 23rd of February in all indoor and outdoor sports for Botessa.

The best performers of the weekend are earmarked to take on other Southern African countries from July 27 this year at the Kingdom of Lesotho.

Sports Analyst Tirelo Mosielele lamented that the trials are much need considering that the last real test for the athletes by the sports authority was in November last year.Mosielele further pointed that the selection will activate and motivate youngsters into building a profile for themselves as the selections also acts as preparations for the Lesotho CUCSA Games.

“The selection is good since it will bring other student athletes back to the sports after a while of inactivity,echoed Mosielele.”

When speaking recently to this publication,BOTESSA Vice President Technical Tebogo Kgari narrated that Boxing will be part of the weekend headliners for the first time in Botessa.Kgari suggested that the best performers will be selected to travel with Botessa and compete at Maseru,Lesotho for this year’s CUCSA games.Moreover Kgari emphasized that the Botessa technical committee is responsible for the selection of the players.

“The people who are responsible for the selection is the technical committee and all the coaches who are member affliate of Botessa,commented Kgari.”

Elsewhere FNBB BOTESSA Annual Awards for 2019 has been rescheduled to March 7 this year at Baisago University.Additionally, the association will host its Extra Ordinary General Meeting(OGM) on the 13th of March at a venue to be communicated.

The previous CUCSA edition was hosted by Botswana in 2018.

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