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BY:Kabelo Seleka

GABORONE:Botswana’s top seeded fighter and onform Rajab Otukile Mohammed rearranged his opponent’s face in the  56kg catch-weight bout against Gillian Ditshwene on Saturday afternoon’s Botswana Boxing Association(BOBA) inter-club at University of Botswana Student Center.

Rajab Otukile Mohammed who is  camped by Lechezhani “Master” Luza after accepting an invitation to ring dance at the 63rd Bockskai Istavan International Boxing Memorial tourney in Hungary is currently the best boxer in Botswana with high international exposure than many other boxers and recently the defending champion in his division locally.

Rajab Otukile Mohammed has been training and sparring with Tefo Maitewa, George Molwantwa and king of welterweight division Treasure Moremi in his abrasion to the BNSC Zebra Funded task in Hungary.

On the fight day, Rajab Otukile Mohammed went a division up to 56kg than his usual 52kg possibly to test his power and gamble for more competitive ring dancing.

On the other hand, the in-pluck and balooka boxer Gillian was said to be not fit by a close source close to the fella.

Rajab Otukile Mohammed started the nose drilling with a bit of energy coming in technically with quick combination of hooks and speed.

Gillian proved to be mismatched for Rajab as he failed to throw in clean straight punches,when he did they were soft too soft and ineffective unto Rajab.

Rajab Otukile Mohammed ran rampant on the last half of the fight by throwing multiple bolo punches to Gillian’s face.

The ring was then scattered with drips of blood where the referee had to scream to the medic to save Gillian’s face from further deterioration.

The on duty medic on the day, Dr Boutshwanetse Baitse says the injury is not as bad as it looks as it is only a cut.

He also further elaborated that as boxing is a contact sport they expect such acts to ballon. Dr Baaitse recommended Gillian for stitching and seek further medical attention as soon as possible resulting in referee stop contest(RSC).

Dr Baitse who was lonely on the white corner was working overtime as he also registered another right arm semi injury from Obakeng Mzingwane from his bout with George.

Also on trip to Hungary to Hungary, Aratwa Kasemang of UB boxing won by RSC against Pearl Mokokwe of Mafika in the 57kg of the ladies category.

Her coach Luza alludes that he is delighted by the response he got from Aratwa who was on the hospital bed for a very long time.

Overall Luza is happy with the team preparations.”we are happy with the preparations we cant say it was short notice as we are from holidays just like our competitors over there”.

Luza who is tipped to be the permanent head coach should BNSC accept the fulltime BOBA Coach request further elaborated that the tournament will be used as a gauging tool for a jam packed year upon them.

“Its a stepping stone to big things like Africa championship and Olympic qualifiers “said Luza

Elsewhere, Kabo Seitshiro of EMG came back to the ring with a bang after a year of absence due to military training.

Setshiro who was last featured in the national team in 2017 and never fought for the whole 2018 schooled the in-plug 2018 champion of 64kg Pitso Mmopiemang from Tsholofelo Boxing.

The first BOBA inter-club of the year was partaken by 66 fighters,5 bouts for the youth, 3 for elite women and 8 walkovers totaling 7 split decisions,11 split decision and 12 RSCs.

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