Marx Thusang,Tsietsi Shakes Kebualemang

BY:Kabelo Seleka

Thuso Khubamang, the Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) council hopeful has been accused of disrupting Professional Boxing Association of Botswana (PBAB) elections this past month.  

The Ledumang Ward Council prospect Thuso “Scud” Khubamang is said to have ignited havoc at the previous association’s meeting leading to failure to elect a new committee.  

The meeting which was secretly held without invitation of the media and Whatsapp invitation of affiliates was amazed as “Scud and his BDP campaign team disrupted the final proceedings of the day, being electing new leadership.

Since its formation, PBAB has had difficulties in having a quorum leading to a dissolution of the meeting including the initially scheduled June Annual General Meeting (AGM) which was later slated for last month.


The President of PBAB Tsietsi Kebuelemang has strongly and solely blamed the failure of election processing on the outspoken Khubamang. Tsietsi lamented that the politician’s “faction” did not comprehend the constitution as they did not comply by applying for affiliation.

“People do not understand the constitution, they are not members, we do not know them,” alluded Tsietsi.

Another executive member Binda Seroba narrated that on the fateful day, Thuso Khubamang and his campaign team only mysteriously subscribed overnight. Binda further said that the people who disrupted proceedings did not fill membership form as a procedure.

“They (Thuso Khubamang campaign team) were bitter with what they wanted, the motive was to disrupt,” said Binda.

When reached for a comment, Khubamang rubbished PBAB officials’ claims as lies perpetuated to clean up their level of unprofessionalism as the organization does not have a working bank account. Khubamang argued that there are infightings and factions in the executive committee.

He further pointed out that the committee is illegally at the helm of the organization. The former boxer noted that the elections for the committee are questionable as they do not have clubs they are affiliated to.

“It’s all lies, they are fighting amongst themselves, they did not even invite the media ba tshaba bosutlha jwa bone,” said Thuso Khubamang.

The elections were postponed to an unannounced date and venue.


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