BOBA Ordinary General Meeting

BY:Kabelo Seleka

GABORONE:Botswana Boxing Association(BOBA) yesterday held unconstitutionally dubbed constitutional Ordinary General Meeting(OGM) to elect former Boxing boss Gilbert Khunwane to the long standing vacant post of BOBA vice presidency following the elimination of democratically elected Dirang Thipe on  February 9 at Woodlane Riverwalk hotel.

BOBA’s OGM almost brought confusion to the affiliates.

Constitutionally the OGM was slated for December 7th 2018, an order from BNSC was that no sporting activities must be active in the busy December month of the just ended Region 5 games.

BOBA affiliates brought a suggestion to constitutionalise the meeting after a careful assertions and analyticals where Khunwane was voted in as the newly elected Vice president of BOBA following 7 months of no permanent VP poster for the local boxing authority .

Thipe was suspended for alleged incompetency in his assignments as team manager of the boxing team that was to represent the country at the 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth games and eventually sighted the backdoor of BOBA after disciplinary hearings.

In the meantime BOBA’s additional member Hlanganani Digwere was the acting VP.

Khunwane.the 2000 boxing Olympian who was invisible at Boxing events since his election loss was voted in by 14 attendees of the meeting after a motion tabled by the BOBA executive committee to the  quarum.

Khunwane was on the opposing fence during the last elective meeting where he lost to  the thrown under the bus Thipe.

The rivary between Thipe and Khunwane dates back atleast in 2012 where Khunwane then won the seat of the VP.

Few years later after the relationship between BOBA President Dr Thato Patlakwe and Thipe(his VP) expired,Patlakwe and Khunwane are now in merry-merry after being on the opposing sites killing a potential vote of no confidence against in Patlakwe.

“we have talked things out nna le Khunwane and we are set we are putting boxing ahead of everything”alluded Patlakwe.

Also  recently a vacant post was for the competition coordinator after Tanaka Rauwe resigned apparently due to personal reasons,work,business and family commitments.

Surprisingly a known judge and referee by  profession who had given up his duty for a quest  EXCO post  Phetogo  Tsheko was also elected by 14 participants of the meeting.

Tsheko is a close friend of Thipe.Tsheko was also an anti Patlakwe team when campaigning for a post.

Tsholofelo/UB boss appraised Patlakwe for uniting the boxing family instead of long and  harboring boxing politics which lags the sport below.

All the posts filled personals were recycled and lost elections previously.

BOBA president when reacting to such matters decried of shortage of relevant qualified personals in boxing.

Other issues touched upon include amongst others Mogoditshane Senior school of excellence,Sponsorship,equility of male and female boxers in terms of funds and points with unique leagues in championship,Reba Bona Ha initiative and BOBA 2019 jam packed calender of events.

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