Joel mogorosi as one of the big clubs

By Calystus Rapalai

Hard – work, determination and passion from an individual are key elements while playing for big clubs because you always have the dignity to protect, supporters to please and objectives to meet.

They are called big clubs because of the achievements they have obtained. Clubs such as Township Rollers, have won the domestic league 16 times and which is far much ahead of what many clubs in Botswana have achieved. Mochudi Center Chiefs and Notwane are also classified as big clubs because of their achievements and role they played in growth of Botswana Premier League.

Supporters also plays a major role for a team to be classified as a big club. The likes of Extension Gunners and Gaborone United are classified as big clubs because of the large support they have country wide.

Players such as Joel Mogorosi, Moemedi Moatlhaping, Tshepo Motlhabankwe, Kekaetswe Mara Moloi and Dirang Moloi had so much impact and contribution towards building the so-called big clubs in the past two decades. They made sure they deliver trophies to their clubs whenever they were given a chance. With the skills, and their magic touches on the pitch, they made people love football and start to follow the domestic league.


The likes of Joel Mogorosi have played football locally and abroad, but still gave all his best to those clubs hence winning a trophy for most of the teams he played for. “Joel had the ability to influence the game,” football analyst Jimmy George would say.

Joel Mogorosi through his pace, skill and eye for the goal could change the games shape. He was amongst the 2015 Mochudi Center Chiefs squad that made history by winning the league without a single loss. Mogorosi also scooped the top goal scorer that year sharing it with Kekaetswe Mara Moloi. He was also part of the Rollers squad that won double in 2018 and making a mark in Africa.


The goal poacher Mara Moloi also had a chance to play for the so-called big clubs, and leaving a mark in each and every club he played for by scoring goals. In 2015 season, coach Mike Sithole even dubbed him a “top class” striker.

One mistake defenders could regret is allowing Mara to face their keeper without distracting him, even supporters new that. Mara’s eye for the goal made him one of the best strikers in this country.


Another talent that made it in the big clubs was Dirang Moloi, having played for all of them and winning the hearts of supporters everywhere he goes.

“He is a tremendous maker of chances, capable of holding the ball until a crack appears through which to send adeadliest of assists”, said Lameck Mpofu of Extension 27, who happens to be Dirang’s neighbor and friend.

Dirang had a magic on his legs that got attached to the ball, one’s it was on his leg it was not easy to take it. He has those amazing killer passes that brings trouble to defenders but making work easy for goal poachers.

These players set a standard to be met by upcoming young stars, as they have left a mark for each and every club they played for which helped them earn a national team call.

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