Township Rollers

It doesn’t matter where they play, what time they play, who they play and how they play, if it’s a final Popa Popa e a ipopa will shake any hosting ground,that is Township Rollers for you,it is a big brand.

This was last year at the then Francistown Sports Complex now Obed Itani Chilume Stadium during Orange FA Cup Final. They did the same on March 7 at the same venue different year, different cup final.


I must admit that I have serious problems with governance of the club and obviously i can not shy away from saying it and I know those who do not understand or know me will at times feel I have something against their club but those that understand me will know that I have believe and hope that a well run Township Rollers will one day be a bench mark for not only local clubs but for other Southern African clubs.

Well done Palastina supporters led by one Phempheretlhe Pheto for shaking Obed Itani Chilume Stadium and getting the dozing young boys obsessed with cheer leading taking it arrogantly to social media believing that it was the wake or revival of the local game and forgot to thank you.

BY:Tiro Lepotokisi[RB1 Football Commentator]

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