Mclean Letshwiti
BY: Tirelo Mosielele
Botswana Football Association(BFA) President Maclean Letshwiti pledged good governance following a narrow win against arch-rival Tebogo Sebego.
  • Letshwiti says there is a need for upholding good principles.
  • He pledges to deal with factionalism in football
  • BFA Assembly rejected the proposal of a new football calendar
  • BPL has been granted autonomy


Letswiti’s win ensured another four years at the helm of the BFA.
In his acceptance speech, Letshwiti reiterated that there is a need to make BFA an exemplary organization in terms of upholding good principles of governance and management.
He believes with these elements that the local football will leapfrog and transform into a more trustful and integrity fond organization.
“We need to inculcate a sense of responsibility in everything that we do and adhere to disciplined conduct so that the organization becomes ethical in everything it undertakes.”
 Letshwiti foreshadowed on the roadmap his government, emphasizing his team will work hard to transform BFA into a transparent and accountable organization.
He pointed out that divisions should be put aside in the interest of growing the sport into a more desirable one and match the world standards.
Moreover, the football boss has noted that factions have been a heavy step back in local scenes.
Letshwiti said if that the issue of factionalism is dealt with regardless of anyone’s believes, the sport can be developed to greater heights.
Meanwhile, the board has unanimously granted premier league autonomy thus meaning it will now independently run its affairs without BFA interferences.
In other news, the move to have premier league season run from January to November has been rejected and it will still run from August to May.
Letshwiti has made it clear that his second term is the last at the helm of the BFA.
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