BOBA Ordinary General Meeting

BY:Kabelo Seleka

GABORONE:Botswana National Sports Commission official ​Healer “The Great” Modiradilo heavily condemned boxing officials and coaches for their below the belt moves on lady boxers at the Annual General Meeting(AGM) of Botswana Boxing Association(BOBA) held on June 30 at Tlokweng Woodlane Hotel.

The Great,as better known in the sweet science industry said in an effort to forge a romantic relationships with the few talented ladies available by man in sport,it kills boxing.

The 1996 Olympiad said many end up being repelled from the sport because of the negative implications of the relationship.

The former flyweight star decrees  the lost talents in the sport of boxing because of these devious actions by their fellow mentors.

BoBA is struggling with shortage of female boxers which in-turn makes it difficult to have boxers which in-turn makes it difficult to have a pool of female boxers ambuscading the nation at the international canvas seeing only averagely 1 lady bout per tourney and 2 bouts at best.

For his part BoBA president, Dr Thato Patlakwe, revealed at the association’s Annual General Assembly on June 30, that he was also worried about the low numbers of female boxers.

Dr Patlakwe said affiliates failed to bring female boxers to the tournaments, adding that it was clear that most of the clubs did not recruit female boxers.

He continued to elaborate that it was vital that all men in boxing should create an environment that would allow female recruitment.

Furthermore, he said, a girl child should be seen as equally capable as a boy child by giving them equal capable as a boy child by affording them equal opportunities. 

Commenting on the issue,Chairman of UB Boxing Stable Mr France Mabiletsa  said the association should not only look at lady boxers.He urged the affiliates to also recruit officials,administrators and staff also to the sport.

Tsholofelo Boxing Stable representative Lechezhane Master Luza also noted that there is a gap in international boxing arena therefore it is of utmost advantage to tap into the market to dominate the ladies category globally.

BOBA President Dr Patlakwe tasked the Acting Vice President Hlanganani Digwere to come-up   with a creative solution and lead the action plan for the issue delinquently.

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