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By Katlego Mechidi

There are many clubs in Botswana football history that played in the elite league for a long run but never became successful. Such teams include Tafic SC, Nico United to mention a few.

Some of these clubs have never lifted any trophy whereas some just came to the premier league and got relegated and never came back. Speaking of that, some are now playing at regional level.

Lets take a look at some of the most inconsistent soccer teams in Botswana football history;


“Machimenyenga” is their nickname.Tafic SC played in the premier league from 1988 until 2013/14 season when they relegated. They came back to premier league in 2017 and relegated last season.

Having been in the elite league for twenty-seven seasons they only lifted FA cup in 2002.


“Majombolo” as known by football lovers is one of the oldest teams in Botswana football history having played in the premier league back in 1986 and relegated in 1997. Majombolo rejoined the premier league in 2001/02 season then got relegated again and bounced back again in 2004/05 season until 2016/17 season when they relegated.

Nico United logo
Nico United logo. PC: Nico United

In the twenty-five seasons they spent in premier league they only won the FA Cup in 1986 and 1987. They are now playing in First division North and were denied promotion last year by Mogoditshane Fighters.


‘The Tongo Boys” started playing in the premier league in 1988 until 1998 when they relegated. Came back to premier league in 2000/01 season and relegated again in 2007/08 term. They rejoined the elite league again in 2010/11 and got relegated again by the end of that season.

Tasc Confidence logo
Tasc Confidence logo. PC: Tasc Confidence

Played nineteen seasons and only managed to lift FA Cup in 1991 and 2001. The Francistown based club is now playing at regional league.


In the olden days the privately owned club was named BMC under the control of Botswana Meet Commission, The Lobatse based club started playing in the premier league in 1993 and relegated in 1997. They then came back to premier league during 2000/01 term.

Gilport Lions Sporting Club logo
Gilport Lions Sporting Club logo. PC: Gilport Lions Sporting Club

After nineteen years of being unsuccessful in the premier league, the team then sold its status and changed the name to Gilport Lions in 2015.

The team participated in 1996 CAF Confederations Cup and clinched the 2007 FA Cup. Under the leadership of Kelesitse Gilika the team is struggling in First Division level.


“The Warders” played for sixteen seasons in the premier league. Started in 1993, then relegated in 1994 and came back in 1995, relegated again in 2007 then came back again in 2012/13 season and relegated again by the end of that season.

That Warders then gained promotion to the elite league in 2018 and are still in the premier league. They have never won anything in the professional league.


“The Cheetahs played in premier league from 1999 until 2007 when they relegated. They then got promotion to the big league in 2011 and spent one season. The team bounced back again in 2013 and lasted until 2015.

FC Satmos logo
FC Satmos logo. PC:FC Satmos

The Cheetahs have never won anything in twelve seasons they spent at the premier league and they are now in second division.


The Gabane based club, widely known as “The Saints” or “Ma-fourteen” started playing in the premier league in 2004/05 season up until 2013/14 season when they relegated. Ma-fourteen bounced back to the premier league during Botswana Premier League(BPL) 2017/18 season and relegated again, now the team is playing in Debswana first division south.

Union Flamengo Santos logo
Union Flamengo Santos logo. PC: Union Flamengo Santos

During their stay in the premier league, Ma-Fourteen won the FA Challenge cup in 2009 and participated in 2010 CAF Confederations Cup.

Even though the team is well known for producing quality players such as Tsotso Ngele, they failed to be successful.


Previously registered as Ecco City Greens and fondly known as  “Mamoja Diskie”,the club joined the premier league in 2004 and relegated in 2015. The Francistown based club managed to lift the premier league title in 2007 and became runners up in 2007 coca cola cup.

Francistown City Greens logo
Francistown City Greens logo. PC: Francistown City Greens

They are now relegated to second division last season.


Motlakase Power Dynamos logo
Motlakase Power Dynamos logo. PC: Motlakase Power Dynamos

Motlakase Power Dynamos popularly known as “Chouka”, got promotion to the premier league in 2009 and relegated in 2016. The club lasted for 6 seasons and have never won anything. The team is now playing in first division north.


Great North Tigers logo
Great North Tigers logo. PC: Great North Tigers

Great North Tigers(GNT) joined the premier league in 2008 and relegated in their first season. They then bounced back in 2011 and relegated again. Now they are in first division north.





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