Badminton world conveyed this week to honour their longest serving administrator in Tyiyapo Eunice Mokoba-Mokhosoa with a meritorious award, to appreciate her services for her effortless contribution in the game.

A meritorious award is an accolade presented to someone in recognition of a special act of service or sustained outstanding performance. One to qualify has to be more than 15 years in continuous service to the sport, Mrs. Mokoba-Mokhosoa fortunately has been serving badminton for over 30 years.

This award was initially scheduled to be handed over to her by the Federation President at the Badminton world Federation Annual General Meeting that was to be held in Denmark; unfortunately CoVID-19 disrupted the plan.

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Mma Mokoba-Mokhosoa began her illustrious service to badminton in the early 1980s, seven years later; she was one of the founding members of one of the oldest badminton establishment, Dikgadima Badminton Club. She was once a player and excelled well as she once represented the national team at the 1994 Commonwealth Games in Canada.

She retired in 1998 and took a role as a Vice President Administration of Botswana Badminton Association, before ascending to the high office of President in 2000. This was history in the making, the first female to assume this role at a time when women leaders were very few in sports administration. She continued to serve in various administrative positions in different organizations such as; Botswana National Sports Commission, WASBO (women in sport Botswana), International Olympic Committee, and Botswana National Olympic Committee.


When receiving the award, she expressed her humbleness towards the committee which organized the event and also to see familiar faces present at this memorable occasion, on her remarks she narrated on how it was difficult to start up the association during those days, lack of support, infrastructure and finances were at the pillar of all obstacles. For her to at this level, there was lot of sacrifices on her side to make sure that the sport is well recognizable.

She thanked the Badminton World Federation President for delivering the award himself despite the world pandemic we facing of COVID-19, sighting that this shows how imperative she is to the world of sport and appreciates the love showed by all the stakeholders.

On her closing remarks, she gave her warm thanks to the players, badminton committee, BNOC, BNSC and more especially her family, the support her sisters showed during the days and most important his husband who sacrificed himself by quitting the sport to give way to her wife to continue becoming a pillar of strength and groom new generation of administrators.


At the event, her friend and also WASBO Chairperson and Representative, Ms. Matlho Kgosi speaking on behalf of women in sport, expressed her love to Mrs. Mokoba-Mokhosoa. ‘I am particularly honored on behalf of all the women who continue to fly the flag of feminism in sport, to be officiating here at the rather high profile event’’. She further expressed gratitude to the BBA, BWF and the entire Badminton fraternity for recognizing such efforts from Botswana, especially from a woman of such calibre.

Kgosi also urged Mrs. Mokoba-Mokhosoa to continue serving the association behind the scene and produce 10 more of her calibre. They are also long-time friends, they go back to their playing times as she was her teammate and they also partnered at the 1995 Commonwealth the first team Botswana to compete at that level.

President of Botswana Badminton, Mr. Mphinyane was also present at the ceremony, he also narrated on how and the recipient go way back and how she influenced and mentored him as the head of the association, because of patience, love and accountability to the sport and being able to sacrifice her family time in most occasions to serve and bring change to the sport.

Giving a keynote address on behalf of the Assistant Minister of Sports, BNOC Vice President, Tshepo Sitale, described Mrs. Mokoba-Mokhosoa as a woman of valour, her bravery will go a long way inspiring young generation of administrators to close the gap and develop more responsible girl-child, he also noted that Botswana government will continue supporting all programs that empower an ordinary citizen with view to improve ways of lives of its people., not forgetting the challenges that exist including finances.

Furthermore, he also put to task the current Badminton leadership to look back to these achievements and reflect on what has been done well in the past and try to replicate that to bring back the glory day s to the sport so they can be able to participate at the world stage.

Although she has now retired from her sports administration roles, she continues to serve Botswana sport through training of administrators and volunteering her world of knowledge in various committees. She is currently a member of the Olympic Values and Education Commission and a national course facilitator for SAC (Sports Administrators Course).

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