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BY:Letsile Matlhodi

GABORONE:To be a host country and lose to your visitors on the sight of the crowd and is a disappointment not any team would like to experience. The biggest most exciting feeling ever is to win to your counter parts.

In thrilling match between Botswana male team and their neighboring country South Africa came out to be the best game one could love to watch again as the two teams were so much head to head fighting for the victory to be theirs. In the first round Botswana won south Africa 25-22, second round 25-19,third round 27-29 and the final round ended at 25-19.

Botswana won south Africa 3-1 earning Botswana 3 points at the top.Speaking in an interview the coach for the local team Mr Odirile Sibanda expressed nothing but happiness about the performance of his boys. “it was a tough game because all the teams came prepared to win and am glad that we have won, something that my boys should celebrate about “,said Sibanda. The males team has been performing good in their previous games winning Lesotho 3-0.

In other news, a media briefing was this morning held at the UB indoor sports arena where media houses were given an update about the on going games. The chief executive officer for the Gaborone region five Mr Stanley Mutonya indicated that about 86 medals have been awarded to the winning athletes since the games started, and the leading countries being South Africa 30 medals, Angola coming second at 22 medals and Zambia on the third position with 8 medals. All the medals were acquired in  4 days of the the day the games started.It has to be noted that the region 5 committee has this time around invited non region 5 SADC member  states to take part in the games and Tanzania is one of the 14 countries which have been invited into the games. 

About 86 medals have been awarded since the games started from all the nine sporting codes as of 11am of todays press conference.

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