Mclean Letshwiti

A sponsorship of the amount of 3 million pula was unveiled  by First National Bank (FNB)for the National youth teams from the under 23 to under 15 for both boys and girls yesterday at Lekidi football Centre. 

In his campaigns and debates for the Botswana Football Association Presidency, Mr MCclean Letshwiti’s main message was football development. This was a song in which he sung and Batswana have been waiting patiently for the implementation of the promise and this year seems to be the time of fulfillment of the promise.  Just this week, Monday to be precise, another deal was unveiled by Mr Letshwiti.  The FA cup that is sponsored by Orange was unveiled, some months ago the artificial turf was completed to increase the facilities the country has.Moreover Air giants were also brought on board recently

It has been long since we saw the private sector engaging and pumping out so much money in investment of the Botswana Football. Slowly but surely the message is reaching the people, stakeholders and private entities. There is finally a light at the end of the tunnel. This is a deal that is going to run for three (3) years . The 3 million is devided into 3 years , which makes it 1 million a year over the years. In his opening remarks , the BFA president MCclean Letshwiti said, ” football is about partnerships, it is about human development, it is the property of the state. To improve the standard of football, all the partners have to be involved, and I am glad to say that our government is actively involved in improving sport, secondly, it is FIFA, program must be FIFA accredited and I am glad to tell you that this youth development program is accredited to FIFA and financially supported by FIFA,  the third and critical partner is the private sector, which is what we are witnessing today. The partnership between  BFA and the private sector, because the program is about youth development.”

This is great news to football lovers as now things are beginning to show direction and hope is restored to the beautiful game. When on stage the CEO of FNB Mr Bogatsu said as the FNB, they are glad to partner with the BFA in the growth of the beautiful game. He mentioned that there is a talent in abundance in the country, all they need now is the start. A ground to stand on and showcase their talent. As the FNB  they have engaged in this strategic partnership that will enable them to help the youth to achieve  their dreams and reach heights they are supposed to reach. He also mentioned the other partnerships they have with the youth like the BOTESSA games which are for tertiary school students. It is indeed a good thing to see private sectors realizing the importance of taking part in the development of the youth in sports, in nurturing talent.

Mr Bogatsu said, ” like many economies in the world , we are grappling with the issue of Youth unemployment.  The social ills that occasion this state of affairs are there for all of you to see. The dangers associated with the section of our society which is feeling excluded from partaking in economic activities should keep all of us awake at night . If not addressed, this could be a time bomb waiting to explode . The talk in most cooperate corridors nowadays is around digitisation, modernisation and robotics. Do we fully comprehend the impact of this fourth industrial revolution on the already worsening situation of Youth unemployment? This is not just a Botswana phenomena, but a global challenge. However, I am more concerned about Botswana. It is incumbent upon all of us individuals and cooperate world to assist our government in partaking in solutions aimed at diffusing this potentially explosive situation.

” These are very big words which carry a message of a call to perception on sport, message of guidance. It is a call for all stakeholders, private sectors to see to it that they have a bite in this large cake. Everyone should participate in the improvement of the countries economy. 

Letswiti continues to deliver diligently on his road map for the association.

BY:Phodiso Gaebepe

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