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Sometimes it’s gets confusing when you wonder how will other sporting codes survive while the darling of all being football still struggling to grow it’s brand, this is why Botswana’s one time promising sport code, volleyball is nowhere to be found.  

After being dumped by Mascom Wireless as it’s title sponsor for their national league to reasons known to them, the association never had a good day at the office,Mascom once tried to resurface but it did not materialize citing that there is more happening behind the scenes at the office that many are not aware of and it’s the reason other stakeholders and investors are not attracted to this beautiful game.

The last time clubs were active was early December on a two weeks tournament organised by the association with no sponsorship on board, this was after a long dry spell of action from clubs since they are not capable to run the league themselves without investments.

In 2018 media houses gathered on the calling by the BVF to unveil the new partnership they had with Baboneng Film Productions to broadcast their matches on Maru TV,this deal never materialized too and reasons are yet to be known.this deal could have been a game changer,firstly investors like spotlight and TV brings just that obviously many will come running to sponsor the league but unfortunately it did not go as planned.

The most devastating part about this sad story of Botswana Volleyball Federation(BVF) is the national teams, Botswana is ranked high in Zone VI region and has a huge respect from Africa, but that may not apply anymore because teams are sent to compete while they are rusty without any game time.

Last year men’s team lost its top spot in Zone VI to Mozambique and the ladies two weeks back were humiliated by African powerhouses during the African Olympic Qualifiers where they never won any match.maybe it’s best they pause the national team duties and try to focus their attention on this long term project of reviving the sport.

Volleyball family should be United at this trying times to resurrect the sport as has immense potential, politics be set aside before its too late, sometimes you don’t need sponsors to run a league but a responsible and accountable management can do.


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