In the just ended allocation of ministries in the new cabinet, the newly elected President Dr Mokgweetsi Eric Keabetswe Masisi was so careful in allocating these ministries. He gave each man a burden which he can bare.

Among them all, the most interesting is the appointment of the youthful Tumiso Chilly boy Rakgare of Thamaga descent. Rakgare is appointed minister of Youth Empowerment, Sport and Culture Development which was highly anticipated by the public.  

Everyone was making noise about it immediately after the man was confirmed to have won elections in the Mogoditshane constituency on the 23rd of October.Looking at the background of the young man, I think this is the greatest appointment .Tumiso Rakgare has worked in the public eye for most of his life, was once a sports journalist at Duma FM and Yarona FM.

In the political arena, he was a youth league leader for Botswana Democratic Party before crossing over to the Botswana Congress Party and was a Youth league leader also at his then new party. This puts him ahead of his peers for the position. The experience he possesses will go a long way in the smooth articulation of his duties as a minister because it is not something new to him.

Tumiso Rakgare ’s age is also a factor as he will be able to relate with the Youth, he understands the challenges that they go through as the young people. He also knows what they need, how they think and their interests as the man is also a youth.

For a long time, this has been a cry by the nation especially the young that this ministry needs somebody of his caliber. Needs a young person who will be able to cross pollinate with them, understand them.

The past cabinets we have been seeing old men being appointed for this ministry, the likes of Tshekedi Khama in the last cabinet, Thapelo Olopeng who is also not very old but was not really relevant. 

The challenge has been that there have been no youths at parliament. Maybe that is why it was not possible to appoint a youth for the ministry. I think now the cry has been heard that our political parties should include the youth in their constituencies to give them an opportunity to go to parliament and represent them instead of old men who retire from the jobs and go on to enjoy salaries at parliament.

Rakgare is a very energetic young man who has always been known to advocate for the youth, he has been preaching change in a lot of policies, and ideas concerning the youth by the government.

Even the time when he was in sports, he spoke against a lot of things the Botswana Football Association did wrong, the Botswana Premiere league and sport in Botswana. He advocated change. Now that he has been given the opportunity to influence from a higher position.

We only hope the man will make a lot of positive changes in both sports and the youth. This is a make or break for him, the rope seems long but it is short. All eyes and hope is upon him. We can only wish him good luck as the youth and the sports
BY:Phodiso Gaebepe

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