Tefo Maitewa and national team assistant coach Kgomotso Gabaikanngwe

BY:Kabelo Seleka

GABORONE:Molepolole Boxing and national team star boxer Tefo Maitewa said that Bond Ngulula`s 1-2-5 boxing Kago Raokgwathegile deserved some walloping for insulting him and undermining his national team participation after an unanimous decision win in a grudge bout on Saturday afternoon at Ledumang Senior in Gaborone.  

Maitewa’s position in the national team has been questioned by many coaches.  

It is said that the 56 kg once Botswana Integrated Sports Association(BISA) wonder-kid has not shown any improvement for the last two years.  

Tefo Maitewa who underwent through proper Botswana Boxing Association(BOBA) development structures is in the provisional squad for AFBC Zone iv Boxing Championship to be held in Botswana from the 23rd.


Tefo Maitewa narrated how Raokgwathegile has no manners for elderly people including other boxers especially him.  

The Molepolole based star alluded that Raokgwathegile is also undermining his calling in national team as he said he does not deserve to be there.  

Molepolole Boxing’s Captain added that Raokgwathegile dirties his good name in Boxing.

Mosimanyana yoo gaana botho,o makgakga,otsamaya mo a buwa dilo,nne kebatla gomo ruta maitseo“Said Maitewa.

For his comment,Raokgwathegile said that he  has not at any point insulted Maitewa.Raokgwathegile emphasized that he only challenges Maitewa for a position in the national team.

“I challenge him because he is in the national team,and I want his space,if he can be in it,that means I can be there as well”Narrated Raokgwathegile..

Maitewa who is in camp with the national team sustained a minor injury in the left arm after his brutal win against Raokgwathegile.  

Team Botswana is also allegedly hit by major injuries. Pitso Mmopiemang and Rajab Mohammed could not take part in the 13/04/19 inter club due to injuries, Mmopiemang encountered his in training while Rajab sustained a cut in the Lesotho international friendly a fort night ago.

The talk in the boxing corridors regarding the Zone IV squad,Atang Mosenke who impressed in his unanimous win against Madala Machola at the tournament is still hopeful for a call up.  64kg EMG star Kabo Seitshiro’s call in the national team is in question by the funders of team Botswana.It is allegedly that Botswana National Sports Commission(BNSC)wonders why Seitshiro is in the squad yet he is not a national champion. Seitshiro was absent for  the better part of the  year  2018 due to military training.

Team Botswana’s target at the Zone IV boxing championship is at least 5 gold medal and other medals.


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