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I had a light chat with one of sports administrators a while ago,he highlited that football is generational,Manchester United of Alex Ferguson,Brazil’s Ronaldihno and the then the Pharoahs of Africa all came to pass.

Is this what is foreshadowing at Botswana biggest football brand Popa-Popa-ea-i-Popa.  

To be honest,it never rains but pours in our local football as most of the unexpected twists and turns are all a creepy. 

Few days ago,the local  football fraternity was shocked by the news coming from the Township Rollers PR desk that their newly appointed head coach Tomas Trucha is sucked. The claim is that the team is underperforming under his tutelage.

Taking a closer look into the Rollers dressing room one otherwise feel for the man as many factors could be pointed out and a proper analysis could be reached. Of course  Rollers is a brand and blessed with more quality than any other team in the Botswana Premier League(BPL). It is more financially stable and more organized than their counterparts. Expectations are high every beginning of season.

The team has been dominant for a long time and has more trophies in cabinet than all the 16 teams. The supporters expect nothing but victory every game.This is a culture the team has built in the past seasons

This time around things seem a bit different as the consistency and dominance is slowly diminishing. This does not seat well with the followers and the management at large. The result of this is now sacking of coaches time and again. In just two seasons the team has changed about three coaches, Nikola Kavazovic, Rudoph Zapata and now Tomas Trucha. The message put across by this is not good.

The question is, is it the coaches or it is just time? Is it Tomas Trucha? Looking through a telescopic eye, one would identify a lot of factors that may lead to this unfortunate event at the most successful team in the country.

These are form, looking at most of the players has have been the back bone of the team, one would realize that they are underperforming this season. The likes of Segolame Boy, Lemponye Tshireletso, Edwin Moalosi, Maano Ditshupo Galagwe Moyana and many others who have been making the team tick are now struggling.

There is also the hunger factor; the boys have won everything that has been put on their table. They have nothing to prove now, complacency has moved in. One can see from their play especially when trailing behind , a sense of urgency will be lost and they tend to give up.

Time is also a factor, the good scripture would tell you that there is time for everything, time to cry, time to be happy, time to gather and time to scatter. Maybe this season is just not for Township Rollers, just time for others to shine. We have seen this happen with other teams with the greatest quality and yet failing to live up to expectations. Teams dominating a season and failing the next with the same set of players.

Kaizer Chiefs in our neighboring South Africa in the Premier Soccer League (PSL) going through the same thing. Dominance with Stuart Baxter and failing dismally with Steve Kompela, same set of players, same quality. Coaches chopped and changed and yet nothing happening. We have seen Real Madrid going through the same thing.

The point is sometimes it is not all about the coach. When going through a rough patch let us look into different directions different aspects and make proper analysis before making a decision.

It says therefore take up the whole armor of God , that you may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all to stand,stand therefore.

There is need to thoroughly check yourself check all corners before taking a drastic decision.


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