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BY:Gaonyadiwe Bateng
Re~Empire Badminton Club is setting the bar too high for local badminton standards,few weeks after hosting successfully Mr and Miss RE-Empire, this past Saturday on the 10th of November 2018 hosted one of their successive mini tournament at Oodi Technical College.
The aim of the tournament was to find  or crown the King  and Queen of the court between the club members which will prepare them for upcoming competitions with other clubs and players.
The club was formed in August 2017 by a young man from the village of Sebina Mr Moses Macheke who is currently the club president. He was a badminton player before hence his aim about the formation of the company was to develop ordinary players (youngsters) to become elite players, particularly, those that may have been disadvantaged somehow or had the opportunity to be seen in the national tournament.
According to Macheke during an interview with Sportsnation Radio, he mentioned that ever since the club was formed, young badminton players all over the country have been joining the club to showcase their talents, one of the things that keep the club going. He further explained that all the tournaments they have hosted so far as the club have been successful besides the hectic circumstances.In other news,20 year old young man from the village of Serowe in Central District Amantle Edgar Mosweu was crown the King of the court consectively after winning 2-0 against Keletso King Gaeemelwe while on the Patience Molefhe of 20 years from the village of Mochudi was crown the Queen of the court after winning 2-1 against Sadi Keogotsitse at the finals after a tough 21-3,16-21 and 21-15.

In an interview with the  queen of the court, she mentioned that besides the most challenge she encountered during their preparations  for the tournament was less time for training as she had to do give school work attention as well but that failed to make her not to achieve her dreams.Others who came after  Patience and Sadi is Natalie Mphinyane in third and fourth is Oarabile  Phuthego.

The King,Mosweu was seconded by the finalist Keletso,Nature Machete was third then fourth position was followed by club President Macheke.The King and Queen won trophies and gold medals respectively.

Medals were also hanged on the necks of the second place and third being silver and bronze respectively.

For his part,the President of the club,Macheke said they are ready for any competition as a club.”All the players are coming up very well and so they are ready to play in the next levels” concluded the club President.

The next team engagement is Botswana International which will take place in Lobatse on Thursday 22 this month.

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