BY:Kabelo Seleka
There is a new kid on the block, affectionately known as Mayweather in local boxing circles, Ontlafetse Phane is a true lion, he is the new lion,he won his debut comfortably over Moreki Maiketso as a supporting bout in Mothibedi VS Ngaka’s title fight.
Having have joined pro boxing a few months ago, Phane easily dominated the more experienced Maiketso in Friday night’s junior lightweight contestation in all aspects of the science.
If you ask me, I would say he is a lion caged waiting to be unleashed to the world-dominating sport. His hard work, work ethic, professionalism, and his natural talent sets him apart from the rest.
Remember this name; Ontlafetse Phane.


Kabelo Seleka of SPORTSNATION had an exclusive chat with the24 year young lion Ontlafetse Phane concerning his boxing,future and his true phylosophy.

KS:Who is Ontlafetse Phane?
OP:Ontlafetse Phane is the second born of three,a warrior born and bred in the Ghetto but hailing from a humble village named Tobane in the central part of Botswana.
KS:When did you start boxing?
OP:I started boxing in 2012 when I was still doing form two at Goldmine CJSS in Francistown.
KS:How did you join the sport?
OP:I always watched boxing as a sport when growing up and my favourite athlete Floyd Mayweather played so well that I would go out the house and start shadow boxing after watching him fight..
KS:What inspired you to participate in Boxing?
OP:I was inspired by wanting to be the best in everything Iike Mayweather and Herbet Nkabiti.Their attitude in life is what spurred me on because I not only followed their careers but their lifestyles taught me a lot as well..
KS:How many bouts did you have at amateur boxing?
OP:I have about 155amateur fights including those under the BISA(for schools)
KS:When did you decide that you join professional ranks?and why?
OP:I decided to turn pro commencing the year 2021 because I felt boxing is drastically growing in Botswana and as such I will be able to showcase my talent to the world from where I am.
KS:How much winning your debut pro bout,what does it mean to you,your family,friends and coaches?
OP:Winning my first pro debut means a lot in that I do not want to taint my record before any major honors,and it also accords me a chance to put the smiles on my family and friends who have also supported me through out my journey..To my coaches who showed a lot of faith in my abilities it is the only way I can pay them bacj,by applying what they taught me and making them proud..
KS:What was the game plan coming into the debut bout?
OP:Coming into my debut I did not want to put myself under pressure so I thought I should score more points and get my opponent to feel my punches
KS:Can we see you fighting for the title soon?
OP:Only God knows how soon but it is every boxer s dream to challenge for the tittle
KS:Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?
OP:In 5years I see Ontlafetse Phane being a force to be reckoned with and hopefully having brought hope and inspiration to the youth out there
KS:What is your ultimate goal in the sport?
OP:To make a name for myself and country and to show the youth out there that all dreams are within reach.
KS: Any last word?
OP:Believe in yourself and believe in God,for as long as we are alive the dream is within reach
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