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BY: Phodiso Gaebepe

Mogoditshane Fighters is finally promoted to Botswana Premier League (BPL) following a 1 nil win on aggregate over Nico United at Debswana First Division promotional playoffs over the weekend, well the scripture from the book of Ecclesiastes says ” the battle is not for the strong, nor the race to the swift, nor food come to the wise… but that time and chance happen to them all is fulfilled.


  • Mogoditshane Fighters gains promotion at last
  • Thaloba Nthaga hero for the Brazilians


The Mogoditshane based club has been among the favorites for promotion since the team relegated from the Elite league in 2012/13 season.

The likes of Green Lovers,Black Forest FC and Union Flamingo Santos were promoted ahead of Mogoditshane Fighters from 2014 to 2017 footballing season.

The trend went on until this season`s miracle to Mogoditshane Fighters well-wishers. All this time teams were promoted, Fighters was always in the race for the Elite League but failed to gain promotion.

The Brazilians as fondly known to its well wishers had a long walk to the premier league after being synonymous for giving away promotion to the BPL over the years.

Thaloba Nthaga
Thaloba Nthaga celebrating with his troops.PC:Phodiso Gaebepe


Today coach Thaloba Nthaga has written his name in the history books of Mogoditshane Fighters by giving the team the promotion they have longed for years.

Mogoditshane Fighters remain the sleeping giant of Botswana Football, in terms of league titles and domestic cups, Fighters is counted among those who have amassed more titles.

In his post-match interview with the media, Nthaga said “look I have been here many times before and usually what I say is that when it is like this, it is time for celebration. Obviously, we need to go back, sit down plan, and understand what the premier league needs. Where we can fix and do what is right for the premier league”.

Tumo Kgosiedirang, the man of the moment, the only scorer on the play-offs was very excited after scoring a spectacular free-kick that separated the two sides.

“I am so happy since it is my first season playing for Fighters; I am overwhelmed as we had a mission when we started the season that it has been failing. As the new guys who came in the team, we told ourselves that this time around we are promoting the team since it has been failing for a long time, said Kgosiedirang.”

Mogoditshane Fighters will join their fellow district team Masitaoka FC after their automatic promotion to Botswana Premier League(BPL) in their first season after buying the first division status from Black Peril.

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