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From being one of the power houses in our local football and once setting a trend by being the only team in our league to win the title unbeaten in 2012, Mochudi Centre Chiefs emulated European giants such as Arsenal in 2004 and Italian ‘The Old Lady,’ Juventus in 2012.


  • Centre Chiefs struggle far from over
  • Team leadership battle destroying the club
  • Thapelo Tsheole a viable leader for Chiefs

Magosi, as affectionate to its followers, has now become a toothless monster that has relegated to the first division and now struggling to regain its glory days back.

Mochudi based giants are battling a long-time war which looks far from over, since their spat with investor Jamali, court have been their bedroom, its society and team leaders have over the years tussled to take over the club something that contributed enormously to its downfall. A statement was released recently claiming that Magosi is transforming from a society to a company giving powers to its previous leaders.

“I only came to try help them, ke laetse le Kgosi Sekai. I don’t wanna involve myself in Football Club Fights!!!!” Chiefs outgoing Chairman lamenting on issues surrounding the team.

This does not guarantee any progress to the team; firstly, this transformation happened out of the blue, clearly not all stakeholders were consulted on this transformation, jabs are already thrown between the two parties in the team.

Some members believe that the so-called founders were not supposed to be the ones pursuing the transformation but rather the committee that was voted in during its Annual General Meeting (AGM) in 2019. This feud clearly shows that there are some burning issues that need to be ironed out from within the club before any external decision can be taken on the future of the club.

There has to be unity in everything done regardless of the differences to take the club to a certain level because without a doubt Mochudi Centre Chiefs is arguably one of our greatest acquisition as far as football is concerned.


Still disputing that Centre Chiefs will get better soon, off recent its President, The CEO of Botswana Stock Exchange, Thapelo Tsheole, is already showing disinterest into the team and it is said that he will not stand for elections on the upcoming elections. He did his best considering the conditions of the club because he pushed for club licensing with all requirements in place and the team will probably be awarded a license.

Another important element is his huge role he played by regularising the team’s Compliance with registrar of Societies. There are many aspects that could be mentioned that the President worked on, and effected. Unfortunately due to COVID-19, the progress slowed down.

With this kind of leadership and experience possessed by Tsheole being thrown into the drain by Chiefs, it is a deep set back. They will have to look for another chairman who is equal or even a better version of the gaffer. Leaders like Thapelo Tsheole come once in a century and they need extreme preservation. It is a pity that Chiefs will let him go just that easy, with his reputation he could open doors for potential investors just like in Township Rollers with the involvement of Jack Dish Shah. Things have been smooth in terms of securing lucrative deals with the presence of the latter.

Mochudi Centre Chiefs leadership should stop being power hungry and focus on the bigger picture to take the team to a better level. Jamali left them because of their internal wars and crossed town to their bitter rivals Township Rollers. We are not suggesting Chiefs should not have fights within its committees but, it is how they solve them that is important.

There are many models that could be adopted to take the team forward. Although they are heading in the right direction with their commercialisation drive, let’s hope they will heed to the Ashford Mamelodi project `Time to Change` and pay more attention to it. It could be something they could use to put their commercialisation in motion.

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