BFA Leadership with Maclean Letshwiti

BY:Kabelo Seleka

Botswana Football Association(BFA) President Maclean Letshwiti,was this week elected in as CAF executive member at the 43rd CAF General Assembly held in Rabat,Morocco.The election of Botswana football boss Letshwiti comes at a time where Botswana football is at stand still since the outbreak of the coval COVID-19.

Lack of football activities in Botswana should not overcloud Batswana’s judgment of Letshwiti’s new responsibility. I for one call for Batswana to embrace and celebrate it , for better things are coming.


  • His win will bring in more good to Botswana
  • Botswana may win rights to host AFCON
  • Its a test of leadership capabilities for Letshwiti


Firstly, with Letshwiti at the highest African football decision making table, Botswana is set to benefit in a number of initiatives by CAF.It is without a doubt that Letshwiti`s step laddering will make Botswana’s voice heard in terms of football governing in Africa. For many years Botswana was considered a non-footballing nation due to its poor performances and no boardroom influence in football. His win surely will make Botswana known to the unknown African countries.

Secondly, as Botswana sets its eyes on hosting AFCON 2027,Letshwiti’s election makes that dream possible. It is an open secret that western African countries have dominated the continental football showpiece mainly due to their control of the confederation .Fortunately for Botswana,Letshwiti seems to be an ally of the new President Patrice Motsepe.This cordial relationship should not be overlooked as it can bring Botswana and other Southern African countries the biggest African football tourney to their nations.

Thirdly,Letshwiti’s election to CAF will pressure him to do good for local football. Without a shadow of a doubt the media is already agenda setting in attacking Letshwiti for his elevation in CAF,this criticism is mainly due to the fact that Botswana seems like a country not taking football serious. Of course I am of the view that the corona virus exposed Botswana’s unprofessionalism in football and sports in general. This attack on Letshwiti should push him to make Botswana football fashionable again the way is should be.


In my view, analysis by some football people that Letshwiti’s time will now be limited to dedicate it to Botswana football are null and void. It is a known fact that Letshwiti position in the BFA and subsequently COSAFA in addition to his new role in CAF are ceremonial for heavens sake.

Moreover Letshwiti has a team of other national executive members who are expected to team up for Botswana football.Additionally,CAF new mandate according to Motsepe is aligned to that of the national associations which make up CAF.

Furthermore, Letshwiti and BFA as a whole has a secretariat, the football boss only provides his vision and delegates to his subordinates at Lekidi Football Center.

Botswana and Letshwiti`s celebration should however be cut short as he has a mammoth task of returning Botswana football to the playing grounds. Not only that Letshwiti should give Batswana and the rest of Southern Africa a great package of Botswana football.

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